Welcome to RH Laboratories

RH Laboratories is an industry leader for the design and production of state-of-the-art RF and microwave components and sub assemblies. They are used in a broad range of demanding applications that include high performance military systems operating in harsh environments.

We are a microwave component and sub assembly manufacturer based in Nashua New Hampshire.We are customer focused. Being ISO 9001-2015 certified, and AS9100:2016 certified, we communicate customer needs and expectations throughout our entire organization. We maintain an environment in which personnel are fully involved with achieving our common objectives. Personnel at all levels are involved and empowered to utilize their abilities to insure that each customer commitment receives the utmost attention to insure success.

Our customers include the major military OEMs, the US Government for spares contracts and major commercial companies for space applications and other commercial products.

Military programs and platforms for EW, Radar and Missile applications include: ALQ-187, ALQ- 184, ALQ-161, ALQ-131, ALQ-99, B-1, EF-18, SLQ-032, ICAP, RAM, SIRFC, JSTARS, ELINT, PSAR, U-2 etc.